January 2017
Marie Claire Mexico & Latin America

Annette Hoeldrich

Esta alemana de 56 años es promotora de un estilo de vida saludable, optimista y con mucho estilo. Su blog te inspirará a combinar looks elegantes y chic con las últimas tendencias de moda.
Encuentra más de ella en Lady of Style.

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August 2016

 Tchibo: Wer verbirgt sich hinter Fashionblogs?

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June 2016
blogosphere magazine

The Over 40 Collective

7 European fashion and lifestyle bloggers celebrating (and loving) their 40s and 50s.

Feature in UK blogger and social media magazine BLOGOSPHERE about my new blogger network.

Print magazine – edition 09 (2016)

May 2016
Zalando Lounge

Seit der Gründung ihres Blogs im Januar 2013 begeistert Annette Höldrich, Chefsekretärin und Reisemanagerin aus Bayern, auf ihrem Fashion Blog Lady of Style Frauen jeden Alters mit klassischen Outfits und aktuellen Kreationen. Wie sie einkauft, wer sie inspiriert und wohin sie gerne reist, erzählt uns Annette im folgenden Interview.

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March 2015
ifb Independent Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Blogging Only Gets Better As You Get Older
After receiving an outpouring of positivity and support surrounding the feature, “Does the Industry Expect You to Age Out of Blogging?” it was time to reach out to the blogging community and speak with some wonderful bloggers who could add more depth to the subject. Below, seven bloggers weigh in on everything from taking outfit photos and what role aging played in the blog’s branding, to the evolution of personal style and inspirational quotes.
As varied as these bloggers are, one theme unified the majority of the responses: turn inward, know thyself, and go with what feels right on the inside and out when wearing a garment or trying a trend in order to radiate true confidence and authentic personal style.

January 2015
Who What Wear

The Best Fashion Bloggers of Every Age Group

In the constantly growing landscape of fashion bloggers, it’s an unfortunate fact that the younger crowd significantly outnumbers ladies of a certain age. It seems everywhere you look, it’s nothing but beautiful 20-somethings showing off their style, and while there are certainly more of them, that doesn’t make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts.

The segment of bloggers in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond may be small, but it’s mighty. We aim to enlighten you, dear reader, about the ladies of all ages who are killing the fashion blogging game at the moment—from the 25-year-old whippersnappers to the 65-year-olds who’ve been at it for a good while longer.
The creative mind behind Lady of Style is another Germany-based blogger. She utilizes her platform to inspire more mature women the world over not to allow their age to hold them back or determine their style. We like her approach to elevated basics and workwear. 

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December 2015

„Wir sind schön, so wie wir sind!“

12 tolle Frauen 40+ über wahre Attraktivität und die Kunst, entspannt älter zu werden.

Feature in German magazine MYWAY about style and beauty over 40.

Print magazine 12/15

January 2015
You look fab

„Elegant Modern Classic in Bavaria“

Annette Hoeldrich (52) lives in Bavaria and works as an executive assistant and travel manager for NATO. Some of you may already know her from her blog Lady of Style, where she passionately writes about fashion for the 40+ crowd. Annette is an elegant Modern Classic who has a knack for making trends work for her lifestyle and polished style persona.
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January 2015
Fabulous after 40

„Here’s How to be A Lady of Style“

Every so often I like to profile a 40+ blogger friend whose personal style of dressing is distinct and inspiring. So this week meet Annette Hoeldrich.

Annette is the creative force behind Lady of Style – a fashion and style blog for mature women. Each week she showcases her outfits in a series of photos taken in her hometown of Bavaria, southern Germany.

In a world where many women dress rather racy (and sometimes even rude ), Annette is a breath of fresh air. She always looks polished and lady-like. Annette has fabulous style and the confidence and class to carry it off. I caught up with her recently to chat about her style.

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May 2014

Frauen ab 50: Das Montagsinterview mit Annette Höldrich

Die Welt ist bekanntlich ein Dorf. Das Internet auch. Man lernt sich kennen, verliert sich aus den Augen – und plötzlich, ein paar Jahre später, trifft man sich völlig unerwartet an ganz anderen Orten wieder. So ging es mir mit Annette Höldrich. Annette hatte ich 1998 (!!) bei den Webgrrrls kennengelernt, einem Online-Netzwerk für Frauen, das in dem jungen Internet gerade frisch aus den USA herübergeschwappt war.

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September 2013

Die Modeflüsterin

„Trend-Frage: Wie trägt die klassisch-elegante Frau das herbstliche Schwarz?“

Den Fashion-Magazinen ist es zu entnehmen: Looks ganz in Schwarz werden in der kommenden Herbst-Winter-Mode zum Trend ausgerufen. […] Doch wie lässt sich der Stil vom Laufsteg in die Lebensrealität einer erwachsenen Frau übersetzen? Und wie lassen sich dabei die zeitlosen Klassiker einsetzen, die Sie ohnehin schon in Ihrem Kleiderschrank haben? Diese Frage stellte ich meiner geschätzten Blogger-Kollegin Annette Höldrich, die als Lady of Style in ihrem Blog regelmäßig ihre eigenen, sehr femininen, klassisch-eleganten Looks präsentiert.

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April 2013

40+ Style
„How to look sophisticated and corporate yet modern and hip“

I only recently got introduced to Annette, which is not surprising since her blog “Lady of Style’ has only been around for 3 months. Since that time though, she has uploaded many inspiring outfits which stand out because of their sophistication and elegance, yet also have a young and hip vibe. Perfect for many women over 40. Add to that that she mainly shops in mainstream stores, which highlights that you do not need a big budget to look corporate and chic, yet modern and hip. All good reasons to have a chat with her so we can find out about all her style secrets!

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