You see me wearing formfitted dresses and skirts a lot and although I am not a big size I do not have the same figure any longer that I used to have but added some curves. Sounds familiar to you? Most bodies have changed after having children but certainly when we are heading towards 50.
Shapewear is an excellent option to create a nice silhouette, positively accentuate feminine curves and feel more confident.

Don’t think of unpleasant, tightening braces of the old days! Modern shapewear is extremely comfortable to wear, ultra-thin, it is able to
‘breathe’ and at the same time highly corrective. There are many different types, qualities and colours – and they can even look sexy. I wouldn’t wear them for a date night although some brands describe their shapewear as „man-friendly“ – no more hiding in the bathroom to take them off 😉



Ich trage gerne figurbetonte Kleider und Stretchröcke, aber nachdem ich nicht mehr dieselbe Figur habe wie früher, sondern ein paar Kurven, trage ich Shapewear, auch „magic underwear“ genannt, unter dieser Art von Kleidung. Sie formt eine schöne Silhouette, bringt Kurven vorteilhaft zur Geltung und ich fühle mich damit einfach wohler.

Figurformende Wäsche hat nichts mit einem unbequemen Korsett von früher zu tun! Es gibt sie in verschiedenen Formen, Stärken, Farben und sogar Mustern – und sie kann tatsächlich sexy aussehen. Zugegebenermaßen würde ich sie persönlich nicht zum Date tragen…

Sculpting panty / Miederhöschen

by Damart 

When: Under an at least knee length dress or pencil skirt

These lovely sculpting jacquard panties by DAMART prove that modern shapewear really has left behind oldfashioned and unpleasant control briefs… Damart, especially well-known for their thermals, but their product range
includes sportswear, shapewear, swimwear and ready-to-wear, sent me a pair of these silky panties which I love wearing under my formfitted dresses. 

They have quite a strong sculpting effect that is especially desired under thin fabric. These panties are seamless around the tighs which means there won’t be any visibility even under tight skirts or dresses.

Don’t you love the elegant glossy jacquard fabric? Longer legs smooth and shape the figure from waistline to thigh.

Another great addition to my „magic underwear“! 

Shaping dress / Unterkleid
When: Under a dress when it’s important not to see any waistline

Pay attention to these important details:

  1. Make sure it has an integrated bra with a proper fitting as otherwise you have to wear an additonal one which means an extra layer. If you prefer that extra support, open-bust shapers are a good option.
  2. Check whether the
    seam has a silicone stopper band to avoid the dress gliding up especially when you are wearing tights. It can be quite embarrassing constantly trying to pull it down again…

Mid and long shaping briefs / Lange Miederhöschen
When: Under an at least knee length dress or pencil skirt

Short shaping briefs / Kurze Miederhöschen
When: Under a shorter dress or pencil skirt

When: Under all kinds of garments that require an invisible waistline

Miniskirt incl. briefs / Minirock mit integriertem Slip
When: Ideal under pencil skirts

Open-bust shapers / Brustfreie Unterkleider
When: Open bust shapers allow you to wear your separate bra

Waist Cincher / Taillenmieder
When: For an individual shaping of the waist only

Have you ever heard about dresses with a built in shaping effect?
Soon I will show you that surprisingly different shaping garment.

This product has been given to me for an unconditional review:

Sculpting Jacquard Panty c/o Damart UK

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