In my age group – I just finished my fourties – you will sooner or later come across so-called „age appropriate dressing“. 
Does it mean no more colour? No more cleavage? No more short skirts? Sounds like no more fun…
Of course that is not what „age appropriate“ means – it is all about the
right mix and match!

have to admit I am not a fan of the „pink hat“ idea… Just because you
have the freedom to wear anything you want and don’t need to care what
others say, you should not ignore a sense of good taste. You may
consider my opinion as strict but for me dressing tastefully is

Desperately trying to look younger?

are different views on the term „appropriate“ but I think we agree that
from a certain age some looks just don’t work any longer. Unfortunately
some women don’t always get the right feeling for it.

Rules like „Women
over 40 should not wear mini skirts“ are outdated. How short is „mini“?
Are you 45 or 65? What size are you and how are your legs? How do you
combine the skirt? Some women in their 50ies can wear it better than
others in their 30ies.

I try to dress with a mindful
eye on what flatters my body. I am happy about my legs and don’t hide
them but I don’t want to present my thighs. A length just slightly above
the knee is much more favourable and elegant for me.

body and skin have changed after pregnancy (which doesn’t mean you
can’t go back to your usual size but you have to work for it!) and again
once you have reached 45+
you have a good understanding of your body shape and your strengths and
weaknesses, you should highlight and accentuate your best features.

Olivia Palermo and Taylor Tomasi Hill are my fashion favourites. 
Their chic and elegant style inspires me day by day and even they are both a lot younger they incorporate my favourite style.

My 18 year old daughter and I wear the same size and have a similar taste. There are several items which we mix and match in different ways and we certainly share our accessory fund.
I don’t dress like my daughter because I am 30 years older and I don’t
even consider wearing her tight sequin mini skirt, her super skinny low
raise jeans or her short red bodycon dress. These
kind of clothes just became a bit inappropriate. They don’t look „cool“
on me and I have moved on. I am not competing with her and her friends!
You begin to feel they are not quite right and if you are trying too hard it might turn out the opposite way.

„Older“ style? No! Just more tasteful.
Attractive, mature and self-confident woman certainly don’t need to cover up or wear conservative clothes in muted colours.
Even I follow my idea of a feminine and sophisticated look I still adopt suitable young fashion trends. I like to show that I am a woman. I found out that I look better with a cleavage than with a narrow round neck. I have an hourglass figure and I like my waist (except right now after being too lazy over the past few months… but I started training sessions with a personal trainer this week!!)

Why not accentuate and show your figure if you are confident with it? Just get the right balance and have the courage and motivation to dress up.
It is all about the right mix and balance and after all we want to look fabulous!


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  1. 25. Januar 2013 / 15:06

    I love OLivia!!!

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  2. 26. Januar 2013 / 22:10

    I totally agree with what you say. But I do have problems with it myself. Just bought really skinny jeans because the cute booties I bought don't suit straight normal jeans. But whenever I look at classy women like the photos you are showing, I hesitate. Am I dressing too young? I will wear them with long tops (halfway my thighs). Perhaps I can get away with it then…

    • 28. Januar 2013 / 21:41

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      When I look at your posts, I certainly don't think you are dressing too young. Especially your dresses are very stylish – great length, some brighter, some black, I think they look perfect on you.
      With skinny jeans or trousers I also wear longer shirts, cardigans or blazers as they make me feel more comfortable.

  3. 27. Januar 2013 / 15:55

    I love this post! I just ended my 30's this year and it did make me start thinking about what I wear. I do work out and I am confident about my body and enjoy wearing things that complement it, but there is a difference between dressing sophisticated and dressing to "show off."

    • 28. Januar 2013 / 21:43

      I absolutely agree with you. It is this thin line, isn't it?
      I work in a male dominated environment and don't want to hide but do pay attention not to "show off".

  4. Crowharp
    21. April 2018 / 18:02

    I’m 62, and my experience tells me that this is a perfect example of how women are still their own worst enemies. Feminism will never truly succeed until women stop judging each other and accept one another and our rich diversity.
    It will be very interesting to see how all you 30 and 40 year old women feel in 20 years, when younger women start trying to edit your lives with their own version of this myth.
    Or maybe in 20 years, women will be more unified, more wise, more compassionate, more kind.
    We’ll see.

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